GSG EOOD with UIC: 115777187 was established on 15.01.2003 and has been operating according to the CA and the current Bulgarian legislation for 17 years. The company has strictly defined investment goals.

The priority target market segments to which the company is oriented are: purchase of land throughout the country, preparation of projects – from changing the status of the land, preparation of an architectural project to the issuance of a building permit.

The developed projects are aimed primarily at investors from Bulgaria and abroad, who have the resources and opportunity to build, but do not have the technological time to go until the issuance of a construction permit and the opening of a construction line and construction site.

For this purpose, GCG EOOD has focused its attention on investors with potential and desire for construction, offering ready-made projects with land in the country, which will save time and money for construction companies.

The developed projects are fully in line with the peculiarities of the region in which the terrains are located, and the aim is to preserve the spirit and charisma characteristic of the region.

The company offers ready-made projects for:

  • investors who want to build in an entirely urban environment;
  • investors who want to invest their professionalism in preserving the spirit of the Pirin Mountains and the Trojan Balkans;
  • investors involved in the construction of business sites, such as hotels, restaurants and gas stations.

The site of the project “Closed Complex Harmony”, Komatevo district in Plovdiv is owned by “GCG” EOOD and developed in partnership with “GSG” EOOD.

GCG also offers other projects to its investment partners on the investment market.